Do I need to get a trademark for my business?

Maybe. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has ertain requirements. However, regardless of whether you apply for a trademark, you need to conduct a search to make sure you're allowed to use your name or design.

What is the process?

Trademark Applications is as simple as this:

  1. Conduct a clearance search
  2. File trademark application
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What is a trademark?

A trademark is something that identifies a brand. It can be a name, design, logo, phrase, sound, or even smell.

What are the benefits of having a trademark?

For example, investing to properly run a clearance search and trademark your brand can help you avoid having to spend $20,000 at an infringement trial to determine whether you can use the mark. National ownership rights that can make expanding the business simpler.

Trademark vs Lawsuit Cost

Don’t wait until your small business is a big business to do it the right way. Make sure an attorney runs a clearance search or you could spend thousands to start over again on a new website, merchandise, social media branding, logo, products, and more!

Who should run a clearance search before incorporating their business?

Everyone. Having an attorney run a clearance search will ensure that you have the right to use the mark in question. Case in point, Clubhouse, a company valued at $4 billion, has no registered trademark and is being sued for trademark infringement. Click here to read more.

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