Chadwick Boseman: His Gift of Representation

By: Melissa D. Goolsarran Ramnauth, Fort Lauderdale Attorney

Photo: CNN

People get excited when they see someone like them on TV or in the movies. The relation can be local (school or city), or the relation can be on a larger scale (state or country). To elaborate, Bollywood movies were extremely successful in Trinidad and Guyana because it allowed the West Indians their first chance to see India and relate to the motherland. In America, Hollywood lacks substantial diversity but Caribbean people can still get excited about a couple actors from the West Indies. For example, M’baku in the movie Black Panther is a Trini.

This week, the star of Black Panther Chadwick Aaron Boseman, passed away, at age 43. He was born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina. Boseman attended Howard University where he gained a mentor, Phylicia Rashad. Rashad and Denzel Washington helped raise funds for Boseman to attend Oxford’s Drama Academy in London.

Black Panther was a blockbuster hit. The critically acclaimed movie was well written and produced. The storyline was thought-provoking. It shined a light on foreign exploitation of Africa and Africans. Many factors attributed to the movie’s success; however, Chadwick Boseman was an immense part of the triumph. His acting tied the movie together and inspired all ages.

In addition to Black Panther, Boseman starred in 42, Get on Up, and Marshall about Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Thurgood Marshall, respectively. These films highlight the importance of the stories of minorities. The world is a better place because Boseman strategically chose to participate in these projects.

In sum, diverse media is key to awareness. Inclusive stories can help others understand the plight of a certain group. The diverse representation can also fast track a child’s path to success by highlighting the journey of people they can relate to. The hope is that the upward trend of diverse movies and books will ignite and foster international relations in the foreseeable future. Thank you, King T'challa for sparking this hope for inclusion and unity.

Melissa D. Goolsarran Ramnauth, Esq. is a civil transaction/litigation and bankruptcy attorney. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, a minor degree in History that focused on the slavery and indentured servitude eras, a minor degree in Criminology, and a Juris Doctor degree.

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