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How to Trademark a Name in Florida

Updated: Apr 13

This article is about how to trademark a name in Florida.

Do you want to trademark a name in Florida? You might not need to file a trademark application in Florida to get maximum legal protection.

Obtaining a trademark with the federal government might be the best thing to protect your Florida business or national business. Keep reading to learn the importance of federal trademark registration and whether you need to register with the State of Florida. (Or if you don't want to read, you can always call me, and I'll explain the importance of a protected trademark to you.)

“How to trademark a name Florida?” is definitely a valid search but I am going to explain how filing a federal trademark application with the USPTO could give you more legal protections than just filing a trademark application in the State of Florida.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is usually a word, design, or slogan. These brand identifiers are often business names, brand names, logos, and company catchphrases. Some unique trademarks include Play-Doh's unique smell and the yellow color of Post-Its.

"A common misconception is that having a trademark means you legally own a particular word or phrase and can prevent others from using it. However, you don’t have rights to the word or phrase in general, only to how that word or phrase is used with your specific goods or services." (

Trademark v. Service Mark

The phrase "trademark" and "service mark" are used interchangeably but "trademarks" are technically for goods, and "service marks" are for services. The application is the same regardless of whether your mark is a service mark or a trademark.