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How To Trademark a Podcast Name

This article is about how to trademark a podcast name.

In a nutshell, trademarks are essentially any names, phrases, or designs used to identify and represent a certain brand, product, or service.

Registering the trademark for the name of a podcast, as well as the logo you use with it, gives you the exclusive right to use the name or logo in all 50 states. This helps to ensure your podcast name and brand remains unique and legally protects your intellectual property rights.

The Trademarking Process

Here’s how to trademark a podcast name. There are two main parts you need to remember.

First is the trademark clearance search.

This step requires doing an in-depth search through all trademarks to ensure that yours won’t conflict with ones used by other businesses. The scope of the search includes existing trademarks, common law, and pending trademark applications.

The actual application process comes next.

All federal trademark applications are handled by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once you have a account, you submit all necessary documents and pay the required fees through their Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS).

The USPTO strongly recommends hiring a licensed trademark attorney to avoid unwanted legal complications.

Choosing a Podcast Name

Easy to remember, distinguishable, and not confusing — these are three hallmarks of a good trademark name. As such, these three factors are also applicable for naming your podcast if you plan to register it as a trademark.

Below are other factors to keep in mind:

  • Use a name that isn’t too similar to another existing brand.

  • Avoid generic words.

  • Try using fanciful, made-up words or portmanteaus.

  • Avoid only using descriptive words.

  • Choose arbitrary or suggestive marks.

  • Avoid surnames.

  • Avoid three-letter acronyms and numbers.

Consequences of Trademark Infringement

When choosing and trademarking a podcast name, it’s crucial to ensure uniqueness. Changing a few letters, such as S to Z or adding a couple of A’s and E’s can still land you in a legal conflict.