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Your business relies on its brand name, logo, slogan, and designs to stand out amongst competitors. If a competitor begins using the same name, it can reduce the value of your business. On the other hand, if you start a business without a trademark clearance search, you can run into serious issues, especially if a mark is already trademarked. 


It is not sufficient to simply Google the desired name, slogan, logo, or design. An attorney needs to run a full trademark clearance search to ensure that you are not infringing on someone else’s trademark. If you are using a name/design that someone is using, he or she can sue you. Lawsuits could cost $20,000. You would also have to start all over with a new domain, new products, new logos, etc. 

Step 1: Comprehensive Trademark Search

We will conduct a comprehensive federal, state and common law trademark search with information you provide in via our intake form.  We analyze potential risks associated with the mark or marks that you seek to use.

We then summarize and explain our findings in a short Opinion Letter. This summary makes it easy for you to understand our findings.

The USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) trademark application is short but it can also be complicated. If an application is not completed properly, it can result in your application receiving an office action (where a trademark examining attorney initially refuses your application).


Do it the right way, the first time, with an attorney.


Moreover, having an attorney properly respond to an office action can result in your application being approved and saving money from having to re-apply.


trademark clearance search guide


  • Comprehensive trademark search

  • Trademark search results memorandum


  • ​Comprehensive trademark search

  • Trademark search results memorandum

  • The filing fee for one class of goods/services

  • Assistance with gathering the required documentation

  • Preparing and filing the trademark application

  • Serving as the Attorney of Record for your application to ensure smooth processing (approx. 12-18 months)


  • Customized Alerting: Personalized alerts based on your specific trademark portfolio, preferences, and criteria for potential infringement.

  • Expert Guidance: Access to a trademark attorney who can provide legal advice and support in case of potential infringements, helping you take the necessary steps to protect your trademarks.

  • Review and Assessment: Periodic assessments and reports on the status of your trademark portfolio, highlighting any potential issues and recommended actions.

  • Do I need to get a trademark for my business?
    Maybe. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has certain requirements for trademark registration. However, regardless of whether you apply for trademark registration, you need to conduct a search to make sure you're allowed to use your name, slogan, design, or logo.
  • What is the trademark process?
    The trademark process involves two main steps: Conducting a trademark clearance search; and Filing trademark application. Learn more
  • What is a trademark?
    A trademark is a brand identifier. It can be a name, design, slogan, logo, phrase, sound, or even smell.
  • What are the benefits of having a trademark?
    Investing to properly run a trademark clearance search and registering your mark, can help you avoid having to spend $20,000 on an infringement trial to determine whether you can use the mark. National ownership rights can also make expanding the business simpler. Learn more.
  • Trademark vs Lawsuit Costs
    Don’t wait until your small business is a big business to do it the right way. Make sure an attorney runs a trademark clearance search or you could spend thousands of dollars to start over again on a new website, merchandise, social media branding, logo, products, and more!
  • Who should run a clearance search before promoting their business?
    Everyone. Having an attorney run a trademark clearance search will help reduce the risk of being sued for using the mark in question. Case in point, Clubhouse, a company valued at $4 billion, has no registered trademark and is being sued for trademark infringement. Click here to read more.
  • What are the timelines?
  • How can I reach Attorney Melissa?
    The best way to reach Attorney Melissa is to email her at or schedule a call. You can schedule a call at or by calling (754) 800-4481. Attorney Melissa has office hours every week for scheduled-calls only.

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